Water has reached the Kulithalai from Mayanur bed regulator

Parched Tiruchi district might expect water to flow in the Cauvery this weekend.

The Kattalai Bed Regulator (KBR) at Mayanur in Karur district, the last checkpoint before Upper Anicut in Tiruchi district, is realising around 1,200 cusecs. From Mettur Dam, around 3,000 cusecs was being discharged in the Cauvery for meeting the drinking water requirements in the towns along the river banks. Usually for delta irrigation purposes, if 10,000 cusecs was released it would touch Kattalai Bed Regulator in 36 hours. But the meagre discharge and the completely dry riverbed have together slowed down the march of the froth filled water along the course of the river.

The Mettur Dam was opened for drinking water purposes on July 5 but water reached Kattalai Bed Regulator only six days later.

The Public Works Department sources say the prevailing conditions would allow water to reach Upper Anicut or Mukkombu, a distance of 30 miles from KBR, only by Saturday evening. By Friday evening, water was crossing Kulithalai outskirts making a slow progress, according to sources.

Although it is said that the discharge was around 3,000 cusecs from Mettur Dam, the realisation at Jedarpalayam Bed Regulator just upstream of the western borders of Karur district with Erode and Namakkal districts was around 2,000 cusecs only.

Sandy riverbed increases as the course meanders through Karur and Tiruchi districts. The course remains mostly rocky and filled with pebbles between Mettur and Jedarpalayam Bed Regulator.

The aquifer effect of the sandy riverbed allows it to absorb water heavily thus slowing down the rate of flow and hence the realisation at KBR was just 1,200 cusecs, say officials.

Meanwhile, Karur Municipality authorities were making efforts to tap the available water for meeting drinking water requirement in the town limits. They were going overdrive to ensure that all pumping stations that feed the drinking water schemes for the town were in good working condition to lift water.

Slow progress

  • Dry riverbed slowing down the flow of water at Mayanur

  • 2,000 cusecs realised at Jedarapalayam

  • Karur Municipality initiates steps to draw drinking water