Miscreants reportedly sneaked into the supermarket run by the Tiruchengode Agricultural Producers Marketing Society and managed to slip away with Rs. 9,500 on Wednesday night.

Tiruchengode Town Police who filed a case and are investigating said that the miscreants broke the rear window of the supermarket and bent the iron bars to make their way inside.

But for the four cash boxes in which petty cash to the tune of Rs 9,500 was kept, other products had not been tampered with.


They may have made their way out by climbing over the back wall of the market and jumping into the government hospital premises, police added.

Manager of the supermarket Thiraviyam said that they had registered sales to the tune of Rs 1.6 lakh on Wednesday but a major share of the money remained intact as it was properly preserved in another place.

The theft came to light when salespersons opened the shop around 8.50 a.m. on Thursday.

Finger print experts also collected samples of the traces that had been left by the miscreants.

The night watchman who was on duty when the robbery took place claimed that he was completely unaware of the crime.