: A 75-year-old woman owning 71 cents of land behind the Madras High Court Bench campus here has filed a writ petition alleging that the pathway to her property had been blocked due to construction of metal barricades on the roadside of the four lane road between Pandi Kovil and Tamil Nadu Agriculture College.

In the petition filed through her counsel W. Peter Ramesh Kumar, J. Janakiammal said that she actually owned 1.99 acres of land of which 1.12 acres was taken away for construction of the High Court Bench for a meagre sum of Rs. 32,545. Thereafter, 16 cents were acquired by the Highways Department for laying the four lane road. Now she was left with only 71 cents.

The petitioner claimed that her property was surrounded by the High Court compound wall and fenced lands owned by other individuals on three sides. The only pathway available to her was through the four lane road. But the highways department had blocked the way by constructing metal barricades on the roadside for the safety of motorists, she said and sought to remove the barricades for a width of at least 20 feet.

The Highways Department has blocked way by constructing metal barricades