Show of flowers, spices and condiments to enthral tourists at ‘Saaral Thiruvizha 2013’

The Department of Horticulture has made its presence felt in the ongoing ‘Saaral Thiruvizhaa 2013’ celebration as it organises the fruit and vegetable exhibition, a real visual treat to the tourists on the Eco Park premises near Five Falls at Courtallam.

For the first time, Collector C. Samayamoorthy roped in Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture to play an active role in the 7-day ‘Saaral Thiruvizhaa 2013’ celebrations that commenced on Saturday at Courtallam. Seizing the opportunity, the Department of Horticulture, administering the sprawling Eco Park near Five Falls, has organised along with the Department of Agriculture, an expo, but in a fascinating fashion.

While dedicating the second and third day of the celebrations to fruit and vegetable exhibition, the next two days will provide rare opportunities to the visitors to see strikingly beautiful flowers drawn from Ooty, Kodaikanal, Bangalore and other places. The last two days have been dedicated for spices and condiments expo.

Though unusually big jack fruit, sapota, mangoes etc., have been displayed, it was the vegetable carvings that attracted the tourists the most. The astonishing skills of a team of vegetable carving experts drawn from Coimbatore have given ‘birth’ to several wild animals and birds from vegetables like bitter gourd, beetroot, carrot, brinjal, chilli, etc.

The gigantic crocodile made of bitter gourd, ‘King Kong,’ a colossal gorilla from a brinjal variety, penguin in radish – brinjal combination, dragon from carrots, scarlet macaw and rooster with the combination of a few vegetables etc. riveted the visitors.

Working for nearly two days continuously, the experts have created these creatures with much ‘life’ but they will be alive only till 5 p.m. Monday. Thanks to the efforts of District Forest Officer C.H. Padma, a set of photographs that reflects Courtallam in several angles have also been displayed at the same venue. A team from Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Mahendragiri, has displayed models of a range of rockets that took Indian Space Research Organisation to great heights.