Cartoon tells people the ‘something’ that lies between the lines, said Surendra, the cartoonist of The-Hindu .

Delivering the valedictory address at Oviya’13, an inter-school art competition organised by Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, on Thursday, he said that a cartoon, especially a political one, gives people an idea about what was really happening.

“What is told is not everything. There is something between the lines and the cartoonist is trying to tell people what he understood,” he said.

Giving tips to students on participating in a drawing competition, he said, “You should first understand the topics given and choose the one which is convenient to you and close to your heart. Then decide how to express what you want to say on the chosen topic, because art should say something to people,” Mr. Surendra said.

When organisers requested him to draw a cartoon on the board placed on the dais, he drew a cartoon depicting Manmohan Singh politely standing before Sonia Gandhi with her son Rahul Gandhi squatting on her head.

Judges of the competition, artists C.P. Krishnapriya and K. Narendrakumar spoke.