Staff Reporter

RAMANATHAPURAM: Carcass of a dolphin weighing about 250 kilograms and 2.4 metres long was washed ashore near the Devipattinam coast near here on Friday evening. The animal had suffered severe injuries on the body.

M. Raman, Forest Ranger, Ramnathapuram Wildlife Range, who inspected the marine mammal, said that a detailed enquiry would be conducted to find out the cause of the death.

Preparations were afoot to conduct a post mortem by a veterinary surgeon on Saturday.

He also said that dolphins were rarely washed ashore along the Ramanathapuram coast.

Fishermen living in and around Devipattinam and their children were curious to see such a huge mammal lying beside them with blood injuries.

Villagers suspected that it could have died many days ago.