The recent Frankfurt Heimtex 2013 home textile fair has spawned quite a few opportunities for Karur home textile exporters who are hoping to encash the gains if the enquiries turn fruitful in the days ahead.

However, the global economic melt down has cast its shadow on the event and textile industry, and this is haunting the exporters who feel that if the situation did not improve in the Americas and Europe, the fair could be a tame affair.

In fact, both the domestic and international economic conditions might be stacked against the Karur home textile exporters as the fair’s response lay bare.

The Heimtex fair for long has remained the favourite haunt of Karur home textile exporters and every year a large contingent of textile people emplane for Frankfurt seeking lucrative orders that would hold good all through the year.

While many even put up stalls of their own at the European fair to attract foreign buyers and merchandisers other small players would utilise the opportunity to make their presence felt and bag orders through the dialogue tables open through the fair days.

But this year, like the previous fair too, the Karur exporters have been given a run for their money by emerging international markets that had almost pinned the Karur people on the mat with low prices and better work schedule.

Factors such as global economic reversals, availability of raw materials and their cost too mattered as the exporters fiddled with their calculators to arrive at the right price. If the fiscal environment improves globally the fair would have delivered for us, points out Karur Exporters’ Association treasurer V.Viswanathan.

Around 40 people put up stalls and around a hundred more participated in this edition of Heimtex fair. ``Process continued to be the main problem for Karur exporters. Cotton yarn and fabric prices in the domestic market are still a cause for concern and the power front does not paint a rosy picture either. There is hope, but, there is a lot of ground to cover for medium-sized exporters. For those in the upper echelons it’s a jolly ride and for the weaker amongst us it is an uphill task,’’ points out another exporter who regularly visits the fair.

The international market is steady and promises much in terms of turnover and opportunity, but the problems we face make us wary in accepting orders straightaway and we are a bit cagey , he adds.