Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: The Consumer Guild of Tamil Nadu has urged the Chidambaram Municipality to tap surface water sources to improve drinking water supply to the town.

It has also suggested requisitioning services of members of self-help groups to repair pipelines wherever necessary.

In a representation submitted to the Municipal Commissioner, the Guild secretary, C.D. Appavu, said that at present two small tanks at Vakkarimari had some amount of water.

These water sources should be deepened to increase their capacity. At present, the town was getting water supply once a day, which was insufficient. So, the civic body should draft a plan to augment supply.

It should also plug holes in pipeline as in Ward No.25, which could otherwise lead to contamination.

Uncovered pits on Vellapiranthan Street and Bhava Street had become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mr. Appavau said that though the municipality had collected fee for improving water supply system, it was not properly implemented. The officials often cited shortage of manpower as reason.