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At Gandhi ground in Thuckalay

Nagercoil: The people in and around Padmanabhapuram, the erstwhile capital of Travancore State here, urged the Government to construct a memorial pillar (stupa) at Gandhi ground at Thuckalay.

According to sources, Mahatma Gandhi visited Kanyakumari district in the year 1937 and addressed a public meeting at Thuckalay. After his death, his ash was taken to Kanyakumari to immerse in the tri-sea. Before the immersion of the ash, it was placed at Sir.C.P.Ramaswamy Ayyar memorial town hall at Thuckalay. A quite large number of people paid tribute to Mahatma on that day.

The ardent admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, who followed his principles, G. Ramachandran belonging to Neyyantinkarai, part of Travancore state, accompanied the vehicle carrying the ash from Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari.

After immersing the ash at Kanyakumari, the pot (kalasam) was taken back to Neyyantinkkarai and kept in the house of Ramachandran. A room of his house, where Gandhi stayed in 1937 and the pot, which was kept in that house, is still remembered by the people, who visit the place and offer silent prayers. The Gandhi mandapam was constructed later. Every year sunlight falls into the place where Mahatma’s ash was kept in the mandapam on October 2.

Employees of Collectorate led by Rajendra Ratnoo, Collector, and Ravi Varma, General Manager of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, took an oath.