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"North Indian tourists confine themselves to temple circuit"

Nagercoil: Kanyakumari district has been bestowed with whatever a tourist looks for and has a good scope to pull in more domestic and foreign tourists, said Kanyakumari Collector Sunil Paliwal.

Inaugurating a seminar on integrated tourism development in view of 'National Tourism and Cultural Festival 2006' here on Tuesday, he said college students must create awareness among the people of the need to promote tourism in the district. It will also help tourists know the cultural and historical background of the district, and help the Government earn foreign exchange. Even as there were so many recreation spots all over the State, north Indian tourists confined themselves to the temple circuit. Those on 'pilgrimage' should visit places of tourist interest also, and interact with the locals and acquaint themselves with their culture and tradition, he said.

Of 'lost continent'

While presenting a paper on historical importance of Kanyakumari district, the general secretary of Historical and Cultural Research Centre, Padmanabhan, said prior to linguistic reorganisation of the States in 1956, the district was a part of the former Travancore State. Historians from Tamil Nadu and Kerala have ignored these important aspect. No attempt has been made so far to go for excavation and underwater study in Kanyakumari. Many new things might have come to light had the Department of Archaeology excavated places like Thiruvithancode and Muttom. The State and the Centre, with the help of Unesco, must carry out underwater exploration in Indian Ocean and bring to light the history of the 'lost continent of Kumari,' he said.

Dhanabal Singh of Nesamony Christian College in Marthandam, Bhagavathy Perumal of Hindu College, Ganesan of Arasu Rubber Corporation, Subramaniam of Aringar Anna College and Senthamarai Selvi of S.T. Hindu College spoke.