Doctors from the Plastic and Reconstruction Surgical team of Apollo Hospitals called for setting up more micro vascular tissue transfer centres to meet the increasing need for reconstructive surgeries.

The doctors announced that the hospitals had successfully operated on over 1,000 patients in the past 12 years, during a press conference here, on Tuesday.

Shivram Bharathwaj, senior consultant, plastic and reconstruction surgery, said that with surgeries becoming the main modality of treatment to cover up post-traumatic defects, micro-vascular surgeries that involve filling up the part that has been surgically removed with healthy tissue harvested from other parts of the body provided patients a decent quality of life.

The popularisation of such methods of reconstruction had liberated doctors from the restrictions of looking for replacement tissues only in the proximity of the infected area, he added.

C. Rayappa, Senior Consultant, Head and Neck, Skull-based surgeon, E. Hemanth Raj, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, and Anthony Aravind, Senior Consultant, Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery participated.