The property, assets and institutions of the Christian church must be governed by law, said former Supreme Court Judge K.T. Thomas.

Speaking at a convention of the Joint Christian Action Council on ‘Protecting church properties and assets' here on Saturday, he said, “We make an appeal to the Union government to enact suitable legislation. If wealth is allowed to be accumulated without law, the consequential result is men will decay.”

Hundreds of people belonging to the Catholic, Church of South India and Lutheran denominations participated in the convention. The resolution adopted at the convention called upon priests, pastors and bishops to act as genuine trustees and protectors of Church and Trust property.

Pointing to the fact that the churches in India have property and assets worth thousands of crores which are outside the regulatory control of any law, the resolution stressed the need for evolving a code of conduct in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ to ensure a self-regulating mechanism.

Former Secretary to Government of India L.M.bMenezes said Muslim Wakf and Sikh Gurdwara Acts, enacted under the provisions of Article 25 of the Constitution of India, are protecting the property and assets of those minorities without government intervention.

“The Christians need to assert our basic and constitutional rights,” said the Council's convener M.G. Devasahayam.