A minimum of Rs. 100 is required: operator

Cable television operators are hit by the cut in subscription imposed by state government.

Following the introduction of Arasu Cable Television Corporation Limited, they have no other option but come under the government cable network.

They could collect only Rs. 70 a month. Of this, Rs. 20 would go to the government by way of tax and the rest to the operators.

Operators with 2, 000 connections are able to somehow manage with reduced subscription but small operators with 150 connections or below find it difficult to run the show.

A minimum subscription of Rs. 100 a month is required to manage it, an operator, who does not want to be identified, said.

“With the new subscription, operators find it difficult to manage expenditure. They have to pay for workers to ensure prompt service to subscribers, collect subscription and set right cable wires in case of a fault. They have to take care of maintenance work also.

Besides many customers have started disconnecting the cable network service since their desired channels were not relayed. Sixteen customers from Bryant Nagar and Chidambara Nagar expressed their unwillingness to continue in the Arasu Cable TV network during October.

Even after providing the best possible service to customers, only 90 per cent collection a month was possible. Only after desired channels were transmitted, subscription could be collected fully.