S. Ganesan

More shelters to be constructed

TIRUCHI: Expansion of the Central Bus Stand here is expected to commence soon, after the finalisation of the tenders for three major components of the project.

The Corporation has split the expansion work into six components but could manage to find bidders only for three works, which are under progress. But a major part of the project was stalled due to last year's tender boycott by contractors, demanding an increase in schedule of rates for raw materials, especially bitumen. The row came to an end with the government notifying the revised schedule recently.

The bids received for constructing additional bus shelters and laying roads at the recently acquired railway land adjoining the bus stand will be considered by the Corporation Council on Wednesday.

While additional bus shelters are to be constructed at a cost of Rs.65 lakh, roads would be laid at a cost of nearly Rs.1 crore. The works are expected to commence soon.

Similarly, the Corporation has finally managed to attract bidders for the expansion of the road over-bridge across the Uyyakondan river near Cantonment. Though the Corporation had called for tender on five occasions, no bids were received. Two bids have been received now after the civic body revised the estimate for the project from Rs.75 to Rs.82 lakh. The council will consider the bids also on Wednesday.

New equipment

The Corporation will spend 50 per cent of the XII Finance Commission grants for the civic body this year on strengthening its infrastructure for solid waste management. The Finance Commission has allotted Rs.3.30 crore for 2006-07 and half the allocation will be spent for purchasing vehicles and equipment for transporting solid wastes. These would include six dumper-placer trucks with containers at a cost of Rs.84 lakh to replace some of the ordinary ones in use now. The Corporation will also purchase a poclain at a cost of Rs.20 lakh.

These apart, 60 corrosion-resistant garbage containers of different sizes will be bought at a cost of about Rs.37.50 lakh. These containers are to be placed on the roadsides. The civic body will spend about Rs.24 lakh for buying 400 corrosion-resistant handcarts that are to be used in by-lanes and narrow streets.

About 1,600 high-density polyurethane garbage bins will be purchased at a cost of Rs.7.20 lakh for door-to-door collection of garbage.

While Rs.165 lakh will come from the Finance Commission grants, the Corporation will provide about Rs.8 lakh from its general funds for buying the vehicles and equipment at a total cost of Rs.172.70 lakh.