Three men stole fourteen sovereigns of gold jewellery and Rs. 2.35 lakh from a house on Linghi Chetty Street in Parry’s Corner on Tuesday night. The men entered the house, and flung chloroform on the lone occupant, a girl who is a class X student.

Police said that the house owner, Hamsa Makaty (47), who runs a hardware business in the neighbourhood, along with his wife Farida (43) had gone to the local mosque for evening prayers at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday. The couple left their daughter, Fathima at home, as she was studying for an exam.

A few minutes later, three men, who were believed to be waiting nearby, entered the building and began drilling into the front door of Hamsa’s house.

Fathima, who was in the living room, heard the noise and called out to check if there was anybody outside. When she didn’t get a response, she looked through the peephole, but the men ducked to avoid being seen. Fathima then opened the door, and the men flung chloroform on her face and pushed their way in.

They tied Fathima to a chair, went into the bedroom, stole the valuables and left.

North Beach police have filed a case.