Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s Sub-Regional Office, Tirunelveli, has instructed all establishments involved in construction business to register their institutions and get the code number.

In a statement, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner Saurabh Swami said establishments involved in construction business, which have not registered their organisations under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952, should register and get the code number from EPFO immediately, failing which the following legal actions would be taken:

An enquiry will be initiated under section 7A of the Act for assessment of the dues against the defaulter employers and a case filed before the appropriate court of law under section 14 of the EPF & MP Act 1952. The assessed due amount will be recovered by attaching movable and immovable properties of the establishment as well as that of the employers. Erring employers will be arrested and a receiver appointed for management of the movable or immovable properties of the establishments as well as the employers’.

Employees working under contractors and trade union representatives are requested to provide information relating to non-enrolment of employees into the Provident Fund Scheme to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner to ensure proper implementation of the various PF schemes.

For further information the workers or the employers may contact 0462 – 2554607, 2554612 and 0461-2346719.

Employers of all the establishments, especially the contractors, should ensure that all employees working in their establishments are enrolled to the Provident Fund Schemes from the first date of their joining in order to get EPF / EPS / Insurance benefits to the employees.