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It is being constructed without providing setback space It is being constructed without providing setback space

CHENNAI: A new building next to a gymnasium on Halls Lane in Kilpauk is reportedly in violation of Corporation norms.

The building abuts onto the road, and its walls are plush with a civic-body run fitness centre next door.

The two-storeyed building, now under construction, does not have the prescribed space as setback. A two-storeyed building requires a minimum setback of 11 feet on the side and five feet in the front and back, according to real estate sources.

But in this case, there was no setback space and it encroached more than five feet onto the road.

Construction work such as plastering and steel binding is being carried out in the vacant space in front of the Corporation office in the gymnasium.

Notice issued

Corporation officials in the locality said a notice had been issued to the owner and the building would be demolished soon. The official, however, did not give any time frame for the demolition.

Corporation Commissioner M.P. Vijayakumar, who was contacted, has said he would look into the matter.