Justice Verma Panel’s recommendations on safety of women in the wake of the gang rape of a Delhi girl reflect the international standards with focus on the local realities on protection of women’s rights, D. Nagasaila, Madras High Court lawyer, said recently.

She was speaking at a seminar on Human Rights for young lawyers organised by the Human Rights cell of Coimbatore District Bar Association jointly with Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation (HRF).

Ms.Nagasail said that “what is needed is building a strong human rights culture rather than seeking outmoded and barbaric punishments such as death penalty and chemical castration for any offence including rape”.

She decried the moral policing on women by a section of society, who claimed that dressing and conduct of women was one of the reasons of such offences. Dismissing that, she wanted to know “if it were to be true, why two-third of rape of minors and infants should happen”.

V.P. Sarathi, convenor of the Cell, Henry Tiphagne, director of People’s Watch, Ossie Fernanandes, director of HRF, P. Nandakumar, president of Coimbatore Bar Association, and lawyer M. Mathivanan also spoke.