M. Dinesh Varma

Becomes telecom circle with highest revenue collection efficiency

CHENNAI: BSNL Chennai has pipped Kerala as the telecom circle with the highest revenue collection efficiency.

According to data for the fiscal 2009-10, revenue collection in BSNL Chennai exceeded targets for landline and mobile segments. The metro circle recorded 99.19 per cent collection efficiency against a target of 98 per cent for landlines and 99.26 per cent against a target of 99 per cent for mobiles during 2009-10.

The revenue collection ratio in Chennai is the highest for any BSNL circle in India and, for the first time, surpasses the efficiency levels in Kerala, which has traditionally led the ranks on this front, officials said. Kerala Circle recorded 99 per cent efficiency in landline revenue collections followed by Gujarat with 97.3 per cent.

The poorest report card came from the North East (II) circle where the efficiency was 59.7 per cent.

The other circle at the bottom of the pile was BSNL Uttar Pradesh, which recorded 86 per cent.

According to officials, the good track record of revenue collection in the circle notwithstanding, BSNL Chennai was engaged in efforts to expand bill payment points available to a user base that comprises over 10 lakh landline subscribers and an equal number of mobile users.

The payment options now include post offices and banks, Customer Service Centres, STD PCOs and online remittances. The user-friendly schemes for repayment of dues has also resulted in a default rate of less than 1 per cent, officials said.

The aggregate billed amount in Chennai Circle during the last fiscal was an estimated Rs.740 crore and nearly half the transactions were across the counter. Post offices were the most preferred and accessible payment point for subscribers with over Rs.100 crore (15 per cent) being remitted at these outlets while online payments grossed Rs.57 crore (7 per cent).

Only about 8 per cent deposited cheques in banks and an equal proportion chose ECS facility.

“The payment trends over the last fiscal certainly provide a few pointers that need working on,” an official said.