Staff Reporter

TAMBARAM: A two-year-old boy died after eating a biscuit that was reportedly contaminated after it came into contact with naphthalene balls. The incident took place at Kadaperi near Tambaram on Sunday night.

Tambaram police, who are investigating the case, said Rathnamani (5) and his two-year-old brother Vimal, children of a lorry driver and residents of Kadaperi, had gone to a relative's house where they picked up some naphthalene balls. They are reported to have put them in their shirt pocket along with biscuits and other snacks. The boys did not have their dinner till 10 p.m. on Sunday and ate the snacks and biscuits on Sunday night. As the poison from the insect repellent contaminated the snacks, the boys fell unconscious, police said.

They were rushed to hospital, where Vimal was declared dead on arrival. His elder brother was admitted to the Children's Hospital, Egmore, and was reported to be out of danger.