Shock greeted Raghavan when he went to the mortuary of Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) here on Monday to collect the body of his deceased wife, only to find it missing.

The body of G.G. Bai (32), who died by setting herself ablaze following a domestic quarrel in Arasaradi on Sunday, got swapped with that of accident victim John Amritraj of Pasumalai who died in an accident the same day.

It is said that Raghavan had gone to the GRH at around 11 a.m. The hospital staff had asked him to collect the body of his wife from the morgue. After a long search, he found the cadaver missing and alerted the hospital staff who told him that it got swapped by mistake. Infuriated over the lackadaisical attitude of the staff, he threatened to lodge a complaint against them.

Immediately, the staff reported the matter to the police who rushed to Pasumalai where the kith and kin of John Amritraj were paying their last respects to the body of G.G. Bai at home. The family suffered another jolt when the police informed them that they had brought home the body of another person. Following a request, the family members handed over the body to the police and went back to the GRH to get the body of John Amritraj.

Tense moments prevailed at the hospital at around 1 p.m. when the family members of both the deceased gathered at the morgue and demanded action against the staff.