The University of Birmingham in United Kingdom is exploring possibilities of collaborating with universities and research organisations in India.

A team of academics are currently touring India to network with institutions and discuss possible academic and exchange programmes that could be evolved together.

Speaking to presspersons here on Tuesday, Peter Byers, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University said the trip and the road shows being organised in different cities across India were part an ongoing engagement with the country. It was also an opportunity to meet with alumni of the institution, he added.

The visiting team from the University of Birmingham has academics specialising in various disciplines. Anton Wagenmakers, Head of School of Sport and Exercise Sciences said the University was researching extensively on issues related to obesity and lifestyle-related health problems.

“We are keen on understanding how India tackles these issues and look at how we could possibly work together in these areas,” he said.

Prof. Wagenmakers said it would help if a team of experts in exercise sciences is built, so that it could work together with doctors and psychologists to motivate people to adopt healthier lifestyles with adequate physical activity.

Gavin Byrne, lecturer in law, said he met academicians in different institutions offering courses in law, including the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar University.

The University was also exploring possible ties with institutions such as the Anna University and Indian Institutes of Technology, the representatives of the university said.