It envisages creation of Tamil Nadu Non Resident Tamils Welfare Fund

The Assembly on Thursday adopted a Bill aimed at establishing a Board for the welfare of non-resident Tamils.

The Bill envisages the creation of the Tamil Nadu Non Resident Tamils Welfare Fund, which will be held by the proposed Board in nationalised banks or any of the cooperative banks under the control and supervision of the State Cooperative Bank or any other bank.

According to the statement of objects and reasons of the Bill, repatriation of bodies of non-resident Tamils, especially those living abroad, is one of the major problems faced by their family members as this requires financial assistance.

Their problem has been compounded by the absence of a single agency under the control of the State government. Every non-resident Tamil member, living abroad, will pay Rs. 300 a month and the ones living in other parts of the country will pay Rs. 100 a month.

When such members return to the State, they will pay Rs. 50 per month. In the case of those living abroad, the registration can take place immediately on such persons obtaining emigration clearance and before leaving the State.

The proposed Board will consist of 13 directors nominated by the government, five of whom will represent the non-resident Tamils (abroad) and two those living in other parts of the country. Four directors will represent the State government, while one director each will be nominees of the Overseas Manpower Corporation and Commissionerate of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non-resident Tamils. The Managing Director will be appointed by the government.


Subject to the approval of the Union government or the State government, the Board may act as a guarantor for the non-resident Tamils (abroad), who proceed on employment on accepting security deposit from them.

S. Peter Alphonse, Congress whip, wanted the Bill to provide for the Board bearing the responsibility of bringing back bodies of non-resident Tamils who were working in foreign countries at the time of death in the event of the refusal of employers of such persons.

The legislation should have a clause on the Board making the payment of compensation to the legal heirs if employers failed to make any such payment.

The House adopted several other Bills including those to amend the Preservation or Private Forests and Marine Fishing Regulation Acts. The Communist Party of India and CPI (Marxist) staged a walkout from the House when Speaker R. Avudaiappan disallowed discussion on the legislation regarding private forests.

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