Special Correspondent

SALEM: Campaign managers and candidates; beware of ‘SMS (Short Messaging Service) campaign’ in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. The cost of even one SMS from your mobile, seeking votes for your party and candidate will be included in your election expenditure.

This instruction, short of warning to the political parties against the ‘SMS campaign’, points out that for this purpose all necessary details such as senders’ names, distribution lists and tariff concerning such SMS campaigning will be collected from the telecom firms.

“Finally it will be added to your election expenditure,” warned the Salem District Election Officer and Collector J. Chandrakumar.


He was explaining the Election Commission of India’s code of conduct to the representatives of political parties at a meeting here on Tuesday.

Like any other campaigning, the ‘SMS campaign’ also would be banned 48 hours before the start of the polling.

“The cyber cops will trace the violators of this rule and initiate appropriate action against them as per election rules,” the Collector further added. The election officer told the representatives to seek prior police permission for meetings and processions, avoid speeches that would hurt the sentiments of people of other religions and individuals and desist from using places of worship for campaign.