Beacon lights fitted on unauthorised vehicles have been removed as per the court directive, said Inspector General of Police (south zone) P. Balasubramanian here on Wednesday.

Circulars to various central and state government departments were issued by the police to remove beacon lights.

As per the order, vehicles of the Chief Minister, Governor, High Court judges, Director General of Police, among others specified in the list by the government, alone were authorised to use revolving red lights. For instance, all accompanying vehicles in a VVIP convoy shall use beacon lights only during VVIP movement and not during other times.

The Director General of Police Letika Saran had addressed all the senior police officers through video conference on Tuesday and urged them to ensure that the orders were complied with.

Mr. Balasubramanian said vehicles which were not authorised to have the beacon lights have complied with the order. According to the information available, all of them have removed the lights in the southern districts.