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‘Be the woman you ought to be’

Staff Reporter
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“The next 25 years belongs to Asia and among Asian countries it is India that is going to make it big. This is going to happen whether people choose to accept it or not,” said Bhaskar Bhat, managing director, Titan Industries, Bangalore, here on Saturday.

Speaking at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of PSGR Krishnammal College for Women and Founder’s Day of GRG Trust, he said that having pride in the past and learning about the past, shaping the present and dreaming about the future was what would make the country great.

With the case study of Titan Industries in Hosur, he explained how 1,000 young girls from remote areas nearby were motivated to join the industry, taught the skills, and now after 20 years, they were now in their 40’s, empowered and leading different lives.

Being empowered and excelling in personal and professional lives did not mean that women had to be like men.

“Do not try to emulate men, but be the woman you ought to be and excel in life.”

Based on a research conducted by his company, he revealed certain findings – “women care about others, men about themselves, women are disciplined, men are less so, women treat everyone as people, men treat them as peers, subordinates or superiors, women are more likely to place the institution over their personal growth, men put their professional growth over the institution.”

He, however, said that all men were not made like that and these should not be viewed as hurdles in the future development of the country.

“The processes in the world of governance and business have been designed by men, and so the organisational structure is also being decided by them. Power and status is not what women strive for. Team work is what is more embedded in the psyche of women,” Mr. Bhat said.

Rajshree Pathy, chairperson and managing director, Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals Limited, said that there was nothing more fulfilling than giving a person wholesome education and the GRG Trust had been striving to do this through its various institutions over many decades.

Four were given away ‘best alumni’ awards.

Bhama Venkataramani, director, Symbiosis School of Banking Management, Dean, Faculty of Management, Symbiosis International University; J. Mohanasundari, managing director, Sharp Electrodes Private Limited, Kayjay Sharp Trendys; and E.S. Uma, Superintendent of Police, Coimbatore; received the citation and plaque from Mr. Bhat.

Radhika Pathy, president, A&R Tax and Financial Services, received the award in absentia.

The day’s celebrations began with a march past by NCC cadets, followed by two dance performances by students.

Nearly 600 students of the college depicted women of various States in their dance, while 400 students from the school showcased unity of the country.

As many as 160 student achievers and four faculty from nine institutions of the GRG Trust were also honoured.




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