Staff Reporter

Coimbatore/ Tirupur: Members of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA) went on strike on Wednesday protesting against the decision to merge and consolidate banks.

Such a measure would result in subsidiary and associate banks coming together and only a very few banks would remain, they claimed.

Since the majority of the bank employees were affiliated to these two unions, banks reported very thin attendance. Customers who came to the banks were served with difficulty.

However, the ATMs came handy for many of the customers in depositing their cheques and withdrawing cash. Cheque processing and loan processing works were reported to be affected in many of the banks.

In Tirupur

Banking operations in Tirupur district were severely affected as employees affiliated to two major unions struck work on Wednesday.

“We are opposed to consolidation of State Bank of India with its associate banks since such mergers will lead to a monolithic bank that would slowly shed its social responsibility,” Tirupur District Bank Employees Association general secretary D. Manoharan said.