The 46-year-old Bangalore University will have to create infrastructure from scratch at its new campus at Hoskote near the city.

As per the proposal before the State Government to bifurcate Bangalore University, the infrastructure and the full-fledged campus at Jnanabharathi will become the campus for the proposed new Bangalore South University. This means that the “to-be-reborn” Bangalore University will have its main campus at Hoskote, 26 km from the city.

According to the sources in the Higher Education Department, the Executive Committee of the Karnataka State Higher Education Council recently approved the proposal, which will be submitted in the council's general committee shortly.

As per the new proposal, recommended by a three-member committee, the Central College campus, where Bangalore University has its city office at present, will become its temporary campus till it establishes the new campus at Hoskote.

That means Bangalore University will only retain its existing name but will have to develop all infrastructure such as buildings and laboratories afresh. Also, it will have to start all postgraduate departments once again.

The Executive Committee of the council has also recommended that Central College, which has become a centre for higher education, be developed as a non-affiliating unitary type of world-class university in future after upgrading it to a centre for excellence.

As per the recommendation, the Central College campus can be extended by adding government institutions such as Government Arts College, Maharani's Arts College, Government Science College, Maharani's Science College, Government Home Science College, and R.C. College, all located in the heart of the city. All these colleges can be easily transferred as per Section 82 of the Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000 after Central College's new status is established.