As the students of a city college were not allowed to conduct ‘bus day' celebrations on February 9, they behaved violently and pelted buses with stones, the police submitted before the Madras High Court on Monday.

In his affidavit in response to writ petitions against the celebrations, Director-General of Police K.Ramanujam said such activities were not permitted by police. The ban on the so-called bus day celebrations was being strictly enforced.

Referring to the averment in a writ petition that the police were not able to put an end to such activities by students of Pachaiyappa's College here, he said it was not correct. Sincere and strenuous efforts were being taken to prevent college students from conducting such celebrations.

When a section of students of the college was not allowed to celebrate, they behaved violently and threw stones at the police, public and government and private vehicles and caused extensive damage from inside the campus. In this connection, 14 students of the college were arrested the same day and remanded to judicial custody.

The DGP said the police “will continue to take stringent action against the students who act unlawfully.” No permission would be given for bus day celebrations and the observations of the High Court in an in March last year would be followed in letter and spirit.

Writ petitions

The official's affidavit was in response to writ petitions by V.Srinivasan, an advocate and V.Thalapathy, president, Nethaji Pokkuvarathu Thozhilalargal Pathukappu Thozhir Sangam (NPTPTS)'s MTC unit.

In the petition, filed through counsel R.Y.George Williams, the NPTPTS said drivers and conductors of city buses were silent sufferers as they did not have any means to protect themselves and the travelling public. At times, students ordered drivers to divert buses or to stop the vehicles at places where there were no stops, causing immense hardship to the travelling public. Police should be posted in buses for the protection of bus drivers and conductors.

Letter sent to Principal

Meanwhile, city police Commissioner J.K.Tripathy said on February 2, a letter was sent to the Principal of Pachaiyappa's College about the prohibition of bus day celebrations. He was requested to inform students that criminal prosecution would be initiated against them, if they went ahead with the celebrations. Whenever college students turned violent, the police had taken steps against them. Investigation in the case relating to the incidents on February 9 was mostly completed.

The police had not failed in their duty as alleged.

College Principal P.Kandaswamy said the ban on bus day celebrations had been printed in the college calendar, citing the orders of the High Court.

A student had already been expelled from the college for involvement in the celebrations last year. In order to control students and to monitor them effectively, the discipline committee had been reconstituted with more staff members with immediate effect.

On receipt of a CD from police for identification of students who participated in the bus day celebrations on February 9, it had been copied and circulated to all departments.

On identification, action would be taken against the students besides reporting the same to police.

It had been confirmed by the FIR the involvement of outsiders in the incident through the arrest of two outsiders (a school boy and a plumber.)