Following heavy rain which lashed recently in coastal districts, the National Highway No. 49 from Madurai to Rameshwaram is in very bad shape at several places. The stretch of road from Sattirakudi to Kattuparamakudi is not in a motorable condition as that of an expressway and one has to undergo a bitter experience near the railway level crossing at Kamuthakudi.

It is unfortunate that the authorities have not cared to look into this main highway through which thousands of pilgrims, tourists and traders pass through daily between Madurai and Rameshwaram.

I appeal to the NH officials to bestow their immediate attention on this and to set right the road in perfect condition so as to ensure speedy travel.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


Stray cattle menace

Stray cattle roam freely in the main bazaar in Ramanathapuram posing a threat to the public. They were used to be impounded in the place allotted for the purpose in the town. But nowadays this practice has been stopped as the pound is in a dilapidated condition.

If the pound could be repaired and put to use this menace could be contained to some extend.

In the meanwhile, the municipal authorities with the assistance of the police should impound all stray cattle and keep them under their control treating them with proper cattle feed and due care. The cattle can be released to the owners after collecting fine, including the cost of cattle food.

I request officials to provide necessary fund to repair the pound.

G. Nagasamy,


Provide facility

The utilisation of Thirutangal Railway station by the people has been increased day by day since Sivakasi railway station is far away from the industrial town. The passengers waiting shed is very essential. I request the railway authorities to provide one throughout the length of the Thirutangal railway station.

S.N.M.T. Nagarajan,


Passengers’ ordeal

On week days, it is an ordeal for the passengers to board buses in the morning hours for their journey to Sivaganga from the Mattuthavani integrated bus stand. The buses are ‘monopolised’ by the government employees who work in Sivaganga.

The employees who chance to come early ‘reserve’ all the seats in the buses by placing bags or towels to accommodate their friends and colleagues who arrive just in time or join at the subsequent stops. The ordinary people who board these buses are denied accommodation and have to get down and wait endlessly. Why this discrimination goes on unchecked is a mystery. G.K.S. Kandasubramanian,