Thank you for the write-up on what is happening to Cauvery and Coleroon bridges in Tiruchi city (November 13th). The people are praying for early rains and good flow in Cauvery and Coleroon rivers to save them from water scarcity and the hardships of load shedding. But the National Highways authorities have planned taking up crucial work of the bridges for four-lane works in Tiruchi city in the next few weeks, hoping there would be no rain or water in the rivers. The people wish that they had planned the work well before the onset of the monsoon. Kamala Ganapathy,

Thillai Nagar

No electricity is punishment

Load shedding is implemented in Karumandapam in three phases viz. 10 – 2 p.m.; 7 – 8 p.m. and 1.30 – 3 a.m. Of this, the third phase is horrible and adversely affecting the people. Load shedding in the wee hours of the night is a punishment. The authorities should snap power anytime other than midnight to 5 a.m.

R. Pichai Pillai,


Lamps not yet set right

It was represented in these columns a month back regarding sodium vapour lamps across Uthamarkoil-Bikshandarkoil bridge which are not burning.

There is no change in the position. I am sure the authorities will wake up at least after this and replace the lamps.

In the absence of light, it will prove to be a haven for criminals and antisocials.

R. Baskaran,


Recover temple lands

Tens of thousands of acres of most fertile lands owned by temples and mutts are under the grip of lessees for the past many decades. They have the audacity to deny payment of annual yield and are unwilling to part with the property. These lands were donated by several devotees to the temples for lighting, offering daily poojas, feeding of poor, celebrating festivals, etc. Therefore, the present lessees have no moral, ethical or legal right to claim ownership of such lands. In fact, there was such a move recently in Nagapattinam in the form of a convention, forcing the government to legitimise and regularise their demand. It is earnestly hoped that the government will do everything needed to retrieve the lands together with arrears.

Dalmiapuram Ganesan,


Primitive department

Postal department issues cheque book for operating SB accounts but the cheques cannot be deposited in banks. It is the most primitive organisation in the country crying for improvement.

S. Sivaraman,


Online booking leaves no room for others

To clear the extra rush during festival times, the Railways announce special trains from Chennai to southern districts. Once reservation for the regular/special trains opene, within a few minutes all tickets are reserved. The main reason is on-line booking. This affects adversely the public who wish to book their tickets through counters due dismal service rendered by some rail agents. Considering the plight of the public and internet semi-literates, the Railways should allot a quota for online booking.

C. Ramalingam,


Seats for senior citizens

Sometime ago, reservation of two seats in the front row of TNSTC and SETC buses was done for senior citizens, but of late only one two-seater seat is being allotted both for PHC and senior citizen. There are thousands of senior citizens in Tiruchi city. The allotment of one seat is not enough. I request Transport Minister, RTO, TNSTC and SETC to allot two two-seaters exclusively for senior citizens.

David Peniel,


Traffic circle impedes flow

On the road from Mannarpuram traffic signal to Simco Meter, just a few yards from the signal, a new traffic circle has appeared overnight, which disrupts the free flow of the traffic. The road is already very narrow, there are barricades along this and a right turn around the island is impossible. Will the authorities look into this? New concepts should be introduced for the benefit of the commuters and a free flow of traffic and not to disrupt it.


Dindigul Road.

Midnight load shedding troublesome

Through these columns, umpteen representations have been made to regulate power supply and not to resort to power cuts during midnights. The TNEB authorities are resorting to power cuts during midnights unmindful of the sufferings of senior citizens/students. When there was improvement in power supply, TNEB did not effect load shedding for an hour or two during the scheduled 4 hours or did not cut supply during for 1 hour during night. Instead TNEB can avoid the supply cuts during midnights.

S. Mahesh,


Seats, please

No seating arrangements are made for passengers in Tiruchi Chatram bus stand. People have to wait for hours together for the city buses in each platform, particularly to outer areas like OFT, Thuvakudi, Airport and Aavoour. Corporation authorities should come forward to construct long cement benches in each platform.

S. Rajagopal,

OFT Estate.

Fort station woes

I am a frequent traveller to Kerala and Karnataka. The Railway station at Fort was designed by the British for four-carriage trains. Now we have 20-odd coaches in Mangalore, Bangalore and Ernakulam Express. There is no marking of coach position in platform. The platform is ill–lit and 80 per cent of it has kuchcha mud. There are no porters. Will the DRM, Tiruchi division, visit the station between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. and make things better for us?

T.M. Renganathan,