By reversing its commitment of support to the DMDK in the Rajya Sabha polls from Tamil Nadu last year, the State Congress, on hindsight, feels it missed a crucial opportunity to befriend a new electoral ally. Yet, notwithstanding the overwhelming odds now, the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President, B.S. Gnanadesikan is still upbeat about a good show by the Congress in the Lok Sabha polls. Excerpts from an exclusive interview he gave Sruthisagar Yamunan

Seniors like Mr. Chidambaram, G.K. Vasan and K.V. Thangkabalu have opted out. Was it fear of defeat?

I would have been happy had they contested. But unlike other parties, Congress lacks star campaigners here. If all seniors are locked up in their constituencies, we won’t have anyone to campaign.

Your take on the BJP-led front in Tamil Nadu?

It is a bundle of contradictions. I do not think they will stay together till the election date nor will they win a single seat.

You failed to back the DMDK in RS polls last year. Was that a mistake?

We committed ourselves to back the DMDK (on the Rajya Sabha seat) and communicated it to them. But at the last minute, the request from DMK came. As it was Mr. Karunanidhi’s daughter who was the candidate, the high command decided to support the DMK. Our leaders share a good personal rapport with Mr. Karunanidhi. The DMK asked for support knowing well that the DMDK and the Congress were getting closer at that time.