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“Exact cause of death can be ascertained only after visceral analysis is done”

Krishnagiri: A two-month old female baby died reportedly after being given Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus (DPT) and Hepatitis B vaccination shots at Kappalvadi near Bargur on Wednesday.

According to sources, the baby developed fever 11 hours after being administered the vaccines at the Kappalvadi Primary Health Centre.

The parents gave tablets as prescribed by a doctor at the PHC. Though the temperature came down initially, it shot up again. The baby developed diarrhoea and the parents rushed the child to a private hospital in Bargur. Doctors on duty referred the baby to the Krishnagiri Government Hospital. However, it died on way to the hospital.

K. Ganesan, Deputy Director, Health Services, ruled out the possibility of allergic reaction due to immunisation. The vaccination was administered after taking all precautions, he said.

The exact cause of the death could be ascertained only after the visceral analysis was done at the Salem Government Medical College Hospital.

More than 22 children were given vaccine shots at the Kappalvadi PHC on the day of the immunisation campaign and no complaint was received from any of the children.