A vehicle campaign to ensure greater participation of women in the forthcoming local body elections and to teach the importance of women suffrage in rural areas, was flagged off here on Monday.

The programme, jointly organised by Centre for Social Education and Development, an NGO-based in Avinashi, Village panchayat women elected representatives confederation and Chennai-based The Hunger Project, would be covering 13 villages in Tirupur block, 31 in Avinashi block and 17 in Sulur block.


The CSED sources told The Hindu that women should not only exercise their franchise and stand themselves as candidates in wards/councils reserved for women, but also should come forward to wage an electoral battle against male counterparts in general wards as well as show their readiness to work both as booth and polling agents.

Leaflets highlighting the importance of women in the decision-making process at the village-panchayat level were being distributed to the public in the areas covered by the mobile campaign.

Leaflets stressing the importance of women in decision-making process being distributed