Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: U. Surendran, a research associate at the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, has received the Golden Jubilee Award for Best Doctoral Research in fertilizer usage, from the Fertilizer Association of India.

A release said that Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister for Chemicals, Fertilizers and Steel, had presented the award during the annual seminar of the association in New Delhi, recently.

The award was in recognition of Prof. Surendran's work in developing a method for optimising nutrient flows and stocks on an agricultural farm and to calculate nutrient balances. This method could also be used to calculate nutrient balances at the village, district and State levels from data regarding nutrient balances at farm level.

For example, if potassium balance on a farm was negative, it would reduce crop yield. Efficient ways of recycling crop residues was by making manure out of it or opting for vermicomposting to mitigate the undesirable trends of negative potassium balance.

The new method would help mitigate nutrient deficiencies on farms and to enhance crop yield through scientific management of soil fertility.