The Savoy Hotel here has been adjudged the best in the heritage grand property category of the National Tourism Awards 2011-12 of the Union Ministry of Tourism.

General manager of the hotel P. Vibhakar told The Hindu here on Thursday that the award has been given for its eco-friendly initiatives and social responsibility activities.

He added that it reflects the legendary hospitality and social responsibility of the Taj group.

He said that the hotel was known for its old world charm.


It was opened around 1841 and was called Dawson’s Hotel and The Union. It was constructed at the site of a cottage Woodville. It was built about the same time the St. Stephen’s Church was built. It is one of the oldest buildings here.

It comprises many colonial style cottages.

The massive beams of the main building came from Tippu Sultan’s palace. In 1868 the name of the hotel was changed to Sylk’s Hotel and later it became Savoy Hotel.

It has been featured in movies, travelogues, novels, magazines, and newspapers all over the world.

The BBC featured it in its programme, Snooty Ooty.