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Global warming, if left unchecked, is likely to render the earth unsuitable for living, in a century

Women’s SHGs told to set up biogas plants

Reduction in oxygen level in atmosphere will lead to anaemia, heart problems

VELLORE: People should leave to posterity a clean earth worth living in, K. Kamaraj, District Environmental Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Vellore, said on Thursday.

Speaking at a function organised by the Field Publicity Office and Women’s Organisation for Rural Development (WORD) in connection with World Environment Day at Marattipalayam near here, Mr. Kamaraj said that while the earth gives the people what they want, it is also used by the people as a garbage dump.

Global warming, caused by emission of carbon dioxide, if left unchecked, would render the earth unsuitable for living in 100 years. Global warming should not be neglected by the common man as a phenomenon, which is of concern only to scientists.

Each one has a responsibility in preventing global warming by reducing the use of fossil fuel. People should use fuel-efficient vehicles. They should use compact fluorescent lamps instead of bulbs and should avoid waste of electricity at home. Such small eco-friendly acts would lead to the creation of an eco-friendly environment later, he said. Y.G. Milton, Assistant General Manager, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, said that each one of us should assess whether our actions were eco-friendly. He appealed to women’s self-help groups to set up biogas plants by utilising the loans and subsidy available, as a means of resorting to non-conventional sources of energy.

T. Sivakumar, Field Publicity Officer, Vellore, said that ‘Co2--Kick the Habit’ is the theme of the World Environment Day this year. This implied that people should give up the habit of allowing indiscriminate discharge of carbon dioxide into the air.

Raja Sivanandam, Deputy Director of Medical Services (TB), said that too much heat would affect the nerves, while increasing dust would cause asthma and pneumonia. The reduction in the oxygen level in the atmosphere would lead to anaemia and heart problems. People could lead healthy lives only if the earth was eco-friendly, he said.

P. Dhandapani, Assistant Conservator of Forests, said that trees are the only living beings, which absorbed carbon dioxide. Felling of trees would lead to the retention of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “We should prevent the villagers from felling trees and selling them if they need money,” he said.

A. Maragadam, director, WORD, welcomed the gathering. S. Thamizhmani, technical assistant, Field Publicity Office, proposed vote of thanks. Earlier, saplings were planted on the premises of the elementary school in Marattipalayam.