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Intelligent components will readily respond to ensure safety and fuel efficiency

CHENNAI: Automotive creations in the 21st century will make use of "infotronics" (a combination of Information and electronic technologies) to a large measure which will have more power and intelligence.

There will be no need to use the keys, as the automobile will be able to recognise the owner with the biometrics.

The intelligent components can readily respond to ensure safety, help maintain safe distance from the fore-running vehicle, prevent accidents, ensure fuel efficiency, control tail-pipe emissions, communicate status of the vehicle and potential preventive options to the driver, said K. Venkatesh Prasad, Group and Technical Leader, Ford Motor Company, Michigan.

At a meeting organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Madras Section, jointly with the society of automotive engineers (SAE), India southern Section, Power Engineering Society, IEE and Power Electronics Society, Dr. Prasad said future vehicles would facilitate communications to the driver and automatically to the emergency service provider. This could be from the vehicle to another or to any fixed roadside infrastructure, designed for the consumer.

P. Suresh Chander Pal, IEEE, Madras Section Chairman, said the future automotive product creations could be expected to be contemporary packages in styling, cabin space, riding comfort and performance. It would also have driver-friendly inbuilt features.

He said India had great potential to produce intelligent equipment that could be installed in vehicles along with sensors to detect changes and communicate them to the drivers. This would provide not only for vehicle security, but find applications in fleet management and logistics. Audio-video technologies and communication technologies are coming together - thanks to the unifying power of the infotronics and digital technology.

Dr. G.V. Rao, PES Chair and D.A. Rajan, IEE Chair, were among those who spoke.