“Indian textile exporters need to improve up on the techniques of identifying appropriate products required for different niche markets instead of trying to push whatever products they have in their portfolio, if they wanted to improve their market share in Australia which is presently at a low”.

This was an advice the five-member Australian delegation of eminent designers and branding experts gave while holding an interaction with textile exporters from Tirupur here on Thursday.

The event was organised by Hydra Confedera, a recently floated consortium comprising 35 exporters from Tirupur cluster who had joined hands to build brand. Chole Kerr, a Melbourne-based designer and business analyst, pointed out that the present market share of Indian textile and clothing products stands at a mere 2.7 per cent out of the total textile and clothing products imported by Australia. R. Girish, the chief executive officer of Hydra Confedera, told reporters that the consortium would be conducting similar interactive sessions with technocrats from European countries.