There have been instances of customers entering ATM cabins while a person is already using the machine. ATM discipline requires customers to wait outside till a user completes his business. Banks must advise their customers on the proper use of the cabins.

Vellaisamy Murugan,


Welcome step

Use of Tamil words, as substitutions for the English ones for official purpose, in theory (although not in practical by the public), is a welcome step.

It shows our efforts to improve Tamil language, but it should never be subjected to a confusion while writing in public places, leading to mockery.

For example, at Tiruchendur Railway Station, above the computerised reservation counter, the Tamil version of computer is written, as ‘kanini’ with three letters, one on the sign board box and the other just below on the wall itself by paint, making a difference in the third letter, which cannot be explained or pointed out in English.

K.K. Krishnamurthy,


Stray dog menace

Stray dogs have been causing innumerable problems to public, pedestrians and traffic as many accidents, both fatal and non-fatal, do take place as stray dogs cross roads suddenly and frequently in Tuticorin . Schoolchildren and others cannot walk fearlessly nowadays. Instances of dog bites have become a daily feature now. Will authorities take action for eradication of stray dogs.

Emerson R Samuel,


Expedite bridge work

This refers to slow construction of the rail overbridge near the new bus stand in Tuticorin. It has been almost five years since the construction began.

Of late, there have been scenes of traffic chaos near the construction site because of its proximity to an arterial junction. As a result, motorists and commuters to the new bus stand are put to inconvenience.

I request authorities to complete the work soon.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,

Vazhavallan, Tuticorin district.