An astrologer in an inebriated state was allegedly cheated by a man who fled with his cash, gold jewellery and even his kurta.

Ashok Nagar police said Nataraj (65), a resident of West Saidapet, made a living by visiting homes and predicting fortunes. On Wednesday , he went to houses in Ayodhya Mandapam, and later to a TASMAC outlet in Ashok Nagar.

A middle-aged man lured Nataraj saying that a family living nearby needed his services to find an auspicious date for a function. Nataraj went with the man, who took him to a secluded spot and made him take off his gold chain, ring and his kurta — saying the family would pay him more if he appeared needy. Once in possession of Nataraj's belongings, the man vanished.

Nataraj, who was quite drunk, went home and passed out. In the evening, he went to the Ashok Nagar police station and lodged a complaint.