The Nallur Consumers Welfare Association (NCWA) has stated that it would have to take legal recourse if the district administration did not take steps to prevent the bulk sale of vegetables to wholesale vendors allegedly taking place in various Uzhavar Sandhais in the district.

Retail customers

“The main objective of setting up Uzhavar Sandhais is to provide a platform to farmers for selling their produce directly to the ‘retail consumers’, avoiding middle men, and thereby, extending a win-win situation to both the farmers and retail consumers in terms of prices. But, the practice of selling vegetables in bulk to outside vendors who in turn sell to shops and supermarkets to reap huge profits, is thwarting the purpose of the scheme,” NCWA president N. Shanmugasundaram said. He complained that all the petitions given to the district administration as well as to the officials supervising the daily function of the Uzhavar Sandhais in the recent months pointing out the irregularities taking place in Uzhavar Sandhais, were not treated with seriousness.

The NCWA also alleged that there had been anomalies in the allocation of stalls to farmers in the Uzhavar Sandhais functioning in Tirupur North, Tirupur South and Palladam areas.


“As per the norms, the stalls have to be allocated by lots every day. However, it has been noticed that many farmers were continuously occupying stalls that give better visibility and accessibility so as to draw more customers,” Mr. Shanmugasundaram said adding that this discrepancy need to be corrected at once.