The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials are expected to visit the sugarcane farm of Siva Kumar at Kallapuram shortly from where the remains of a very old temple were traced a few weeks ago.


“We have forwarded the proposals to the authorities concerned to facilitate the inspection of the site for assessing the exact antiquity of the temple ruins,” Collector M. Mathivanan told The Hindu .

Presently, there are multiple versions on the origin of the temple remains doing rounds in the area.

According to Siva Kumar, the inscriptional evidences pointed that the shrine might have existed from at least three centuries back.

The temple ruins were noticed by Mr. Kumar while he was taking out sand from a portion of his farm to fill another pit situated on the same premises.

It was during that excavation, Mr. Kumar came across portions of a stone wall and few idols.

Following his revelation, senior revenue officials immediately conducted an inspection of the farm.