The city may receive some showers in the next two days as the southwest monsoon advances.

The day temperature in the city dropped remarkably on Thursday as cloud cover extended over Chennai. The weather observatory in Nungambakkam recorded 36.9 degree Celsius, which is one degree less than the normal. Meenambakkam registered 36.8 degree Celsius.

According to the Meteorological department, the southwest monsoon is likely to set in by June 2 or 3. A depression is brewing over the Bay of Bengal.

Officials said that Thursday turned out to be much cooler than the day before when the temperature had soared to nearly 40 degree Celsius. While residents are likely to be relieved at the end of what was an unbearably hot spell, meteorological department officials pointed out that this May was actually cooler when compared to last year. In 2013, the maximum temperature soared beyond 40 degree Celsius only on six days in Nungambakkam and seven days in Meenambakkam. Last year, Nungambakkam saw temperatures above 40 on 11 days and Meenambakkam on 18 days.

The hottest day this year was May 26 when Nungambakkam recorded 42.8 degree Celsius and Meenambakkam , 42.7 degree Celsius. The highest temperature recorded over the last ten years was on May 31, 2003 when the mercury level went up to 45 degree Celsius.

However, the end of peak summer may not mean scorching days are a thing of the past. June too is likely to be a sultry month. Once the southwest monsoon settles in north India, dry weather is likely to resume in Tamil Nadu.

However, rainfall may improve. Chennai did not get sufficient summer showers this year. Nungambakkam received only 2 cm of rainfall, a deficit of nearly 5 cm, between March and May. But, Meenambakkam had better showers. It received about 9 cm of rain during the same period.

In recent decades, the volume of rainfall in June has gone up in the city. It had rained nearly 4-5 cm in June over the past many years, said Y.E.A. Raj, deputy director general of meteorology, Chennai.

Temperatures came down drastically

on Thursday;


city hopes for showers in June