Staff Reporter

Tirupur: To enhance efficiency of cultivation and thereby improve productivity of various crops, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has started a three-day training programme for farmers on various advanced farm practices at Udumalpet on Wednesday.


The participants were being taught ‘ultra high density planting' techniques for raising mango, cashew and guava crops and sub-soil irrigation methods for the cultivation of sugarcane and tissue culture banana.

During the event, the farmers would be taken out on a field trip to few progressive farms at Theni.

NABARD Assistant General Manager G. Santhanam said that ultra high density planting method would enable the farmers to deviate from the conventional planting distance of 10 m X 10 m in the case of orchards like mango and raise it at 3 m. X 2 m or even at a 3 m X 1m spacing.

“Special pruning technology will be followed while adopting the innovative spacing pattern, thus, helping the farmers to considerably reduce the gestation period and thereby help the farmers an early income generation,” he added.

Mr. Santhanam pointed out that the farmers who utilise the ultra high density planting methodology could very easily prepare a bankable proposal to obtain credit since the scheme assures high early returns.

Similarly, sub-soil irrigation techniques would help the farmers to utilise water and nutrients efficiently.