DINDIGUL: Pass percentage had marginally gone up in higher secondary exams in the district this year when compared to last year. Pass percentage this year was 86% while it was 80% last year. Total number of students who appeared for the exam were 17,566 – 8,380 boys and 9,186 girls. A total of 15,022 students – 6,823 boys and 8,199 girls passed.

Pass percentage of girls was far ahead of boys. About 81.42% boys and 89.26% of girls passed. Twenty three schools had achieved cent per cent pass percentage. Performance of government schools in rural areas was extremely good. Pass percentage of government HSS at Iyyampalayam shot up to 95% from just 52% and Government Kallar HSS, Kondamnaickanpatti rose to 95% from 55%. Government HSS in Palani and Landhakottai too achieved more than 90% results. Percentage was more than 90% in Government schools at Dharmathupatti, Agaram and K. Pudhukottai from last year results which were of around 65%.