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They report heavy loss in productivity

ERODE: The continuing power crisis in the State has hit hard all the important industries and agriculture sector in Erode district.

A majority of industrial units are reporting heavy loss in the productivity.

The operational period in many industries particularly in the weaving and garment sectors has come down drastically, as the power cut in the district ranges from three to five hours in a day as against the declared load shedding period of three hours.

“We are not able to run powerlooms and knitting machines continuously. On a few occasions, we experience power cuts for more than five to six times a day. Apart from affecting the productivity, the frequent disruptions also have a negative impact on the quality of the products,” weaving industry sources point out.

Textile is the second largest provider of employment in the district after agriculture. A majority of the textile units in the district fall under the small enterprises category. “In fact, a good number of units in the district have four to six looms each.

They heavily depend on the power supply from the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board as they cannot afford to a generator,” the industrial sources point out.

The total workforce in a number of weaving and garment units has been reduced in the recent past due to the power shortage. “More labourers will be rendered jobless, if the power situation does not improve,” the industrial sources point out.

The agriculture sector is the worst affected in the present power crisis.

The situation is worse in the rural areas particularly in Chennimalai and Anthiyur blocks. Though farmers resort to demonstrations very often, the problem remains unchanged. Farmers complain that the tripping of power occurs several times a day.

“We are not able to water the crops properly. If this situation continues, our crops will dry and we will incur heavy losses,” the farmers fear.

The summer this year has turned out to be worse for the general public in the district. They are spending sleepless nights due to unannounced power cuts. People have urged the electricity board to come up with a concrete solution to the problem of unannounced power cuts.