Staff Reporter

MADURAI: Instances of paediatric asthma cases are raising in the recent times owing to increased air pollution, the intake of which induces health problems, according to M. Palaniappan, a city-based pulmonologist.

Addressing the press here on Monday, he said that this was a serious cause for concern as children are a nation's future assets. Around 15 per cent of the world population had asthma.

In this World Asthma Day (First Tuesday of every May), efforts are on to create more awareness as early detection was vital to control it.

The theme for this year was ‘Control your asthma.' Symptoms include repeated coughing among children after playing and breathing problems for adults.

Chest tightness, wheeling sound when breathing out, prolonger coughing that gets worse at nights and recurrent colds are some other symptoms.

The main preventative measure, he said, was for people to avoid exposure to triggers such as dust, cold air and keep away from food that cause allergy to them.