Special Correspondent

Group clash in Kappachi village

Udhagamandalam: In protest against the arrest of a few residents of Kappachi village near here a large number of villagers including many women landed at the office of the Superintendent of Police Kapil Kumar C. Saratkar on Tuesday.

While the action of the police followed a group clash at the village on Sunday, the villagers claimed that the police had been unfair to one group. They said that either those arrested should be released or action taken against members of the opposite group.

Following an assurance given by Mr. Saratkar that appropriate action would be taken the crowd dispersed.

Later speaking to press persons, he said that there had been long standing enmity between two groups at Kappachi.

On Sunday a woman Radha belonging to one group had lodged a complaint stating that she had been assaulted. A case had been registered against six persons.

Later in the evening Ashok Charavarthy of the other group had preferred a complaint stating that in an assault by about 15 persons four of them had sustained injuries.

Stating that four persons belonging to Radha's group had been arrested on Monday, Mr. Saratkar said that one had surrendered.

Pointing out that the law will take its course, he said that Radha's complaint will be looked into and suitable action taken. A case under Section 107 will also be registered to get to the bottom of the matter and find a lasting solution.

Adequate number of police personnel have been posted at Kappachi to prevent untoward incidents.