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Despite immediate arrival of 108 ambulance van with first aid staff, the patient died

The key for the VIP entrance gate of Dindigul railway station could not be traced

DINDIGUL: Despite immediate arrival of 108 ambulance van with first aid staff, inordinate delay in detecting a key meant for the VIP entrance gate of Dindigul Railway Station and no help from any quarters including the railway staff on the platform, have claimed the life of a 25-year-old young man.

Raju, (25), native of Sathamangalam in Madurai and worker in Tirupur mill, died following a severe heart attack at Dindigul Railway Station on Wednesday.

Mr. Raju boarded the train in Coimbatore to go to Madurai.

He had a heart attack when he reached Dindigul Railway Station.

Information was passed on to 108 emergency ambulance service.

Within no time, a woman assistant and driver brought the van to the entrance of railway station and requested the railway staff to open the gate, which was always locked, to drive the van to the platform. (Railway officials open the gate only for VIP cars to reach the platform after crossing rail tracks).

The railway staff started to search for the key. They could not find it.

Ambulance staff badly needed the keys as two staff alone could not carry the heavy- weighing stretcher and oxygen cylinder on their shoulders through a long sub-way to reach the platform.

In the meanwhile, the woman rushed to the patient and gave first aid.

Later, she was searching for a wheel chair at the station to take him to the ambulance van for giving oxygen support.

Of the two wheel chairs, she found that one was fully condemned with no wheels and one of the wheels of the other chair was damaged.

Still, the woman cried for help to lift the stout patient on partially damaged wheel chair.

Neither the railway staff nor passengers helped her. Later, she alone managed to keep him on the broken wheel chair.

Ambulance van driver was still running behind the railway staff for the key.

In the mean time, another train reached the station.

The crowd disrupted the patient’s mobility.

Once again, the woman begged for help to push the patient towards station entrance.

No response

There was no response from the public.

Suddenly, the patient fell from the chair as he suffered a second stroke on the platform itself.

Again, the woman pressed his chest to restore heart beat but in vain. Atlast, the patient died.

After a long time, railway officials came to the spot and informed the ambulance staff that the key was handed over to a civil contractor to transport building materials to the railway track.

The contractor had left the railway station for personal work.